A Spring standout event marked the 60th anniversary of the disappearance of Moira Anderson on February 23 2017. Despite severe weather there was a good turnout even from guests as far afield as London, and as Moria had vanished in a similar blizzard of snow that hit Scotland on the same date exactly 60 years ago, it was agreed by attendees that the sudden ferocity of Storm Doris seemed apt. Although the service of remembrance had to be moved indoors, Moira’s sister our Honorary Patron, Janet Hart, greatly appreciated the music and writing chosen by Sandra and Dermot Lamb and local poet, Janette Horn. An exquisite cake was especially made by MAF volunteer Edna Doran for the occasion, and some of it duly travelled to Australia to Janet’s family, with of course, some special gifts from our charity. There was a very high number of media representatives and interviews with Janet and our Founder Sandra Brown were on national channels, highlighting enduring interest in Moira’s case.

We were delighted that a major Centre refurbishment (including double glazed windows and a brand new front door) was ready in time for the event, as was a wonderful art mural depicting the story of Moira and her legacy, designed by highly talented staff member Derek McPherson. It also highlights our charity’s values, and MAF’s journey as a fast-growing agency. We are very grateful to SPIFOX (from the Scottish Property Industry) which funded not only our new look reception, with a tv screen, and upgraded furniture included, but also a wonderful (and able to be heated!) cabin for outside use in our garden. Thanks to our volunteers who have painted it and helped kit it out too, providing a quiet haven for clients of all ages.

Janet Hart met a P7 class a week on from the anniversary. Golfhill PS pupils sang, and helped release 11 white doves in Moira’s memory, on a day when weather was much kinder. The pupils were fascinated by how the birds can find their way home, and Janet was very touched by the interest they took in Moira’s own P7 spelling and writing jotters which have been treasured over many years.

Pictured: Janet and Dermot Lamb