Confidentiality Policy

The Moira Anderson Foundation operates a confidentiality policy. All children, young persons and adults approaching or using the Moira Anderson Foundation for advice, support and information can be assured that their privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times.

No information will be divulged to any person’s outwith the organisation unless otherwise agreed by the client.

At no time will we discuss you or your appointments at the Foundation with anyone else unless otherwise agreed.

All files with information are kept solely for the use of the counsellors and support workers of the Moira Anderson Foundation.

If at any time a counsellor, therapist or member of staff are concerned for your or another person’s safety, including suicidal thoughts and child protection issues, we are at liberty to contact your GP, local hospital or other third party. This is for the safety of you, others and the Foundation.

Created: 28 August 2007
Reviewed: 1 December 2018


Sandra Brown was eight when eleven year old Moira Anderson disappeared from the small town of Coatbridge, near Glasgow, in 1957. Twenty-seven years later, at a family funeral, Sandra’s estranged father confessed to her that he had been involved in the girl’s disappearance.

Appalled and fascinated by his curious half confession, Sandra began to delve into the case and in so doing discovered that her father was an acknowledged child molester whose activities were known not just to everyone in Coatbridge but also to the police

As a result of her experiences, Sandra founded Moira Anderson Foundation in 2000. She has remained deeply involved and assisted the foundation to grow to where it is today.